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Tragus Piercings

Heal Time: 6 Months - 1 Year

Typical jewelry gauge: 16g

Best initial jewelry type: Flat Back Push Fit Post

Minimum age for piercing: 14


Tragus piercings go through the small “nub” of cartilage in front of the ear canal. For initial piercings we usually recommend a 16 gauge press-fit post, while a ring can often be worn after the healing period. Since this piercing is front-and-center, it's a great one to showcase unique jewelry styles. You can get pretty fancy with the different choices for ends; gold, diamond or other stone clusters look especially striking in this piercing.
Healing can take six months to a year. Like with other cartilage piercings, it’s best to pierce and heal only one side at a time. Multiple piercings in different ears are best done at least six months apart. You need one ear to sleep on, use to talk on the phone, etc., and getting cartilage pierced in both ears at the same time can be incredibly difficult to heal. For those who wear headphones (or for medical professionals using stethoscopes), healing on this one can be even more difficult. Downsizing the jewelry after the initial healing period can help.