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Daith Piercing

Heal Time: 6 months - 1 year

Typical jewelry gauge: 16g - 14g

Best initial jewelry type: CBR (captive bead ring) Fixed Bead Ring, other types of rings

Minimum age for piercing: 14


Daith Piercing, how do you pronounce it? It’s like Tomato, is it “tomayto” or “tomahto”. Do you say “Daith” (sounding like Faith) or “Doth” (Sounding like Moth)
Erik Dakota, generally acknowledged as the person to introduced this piercing called it a Daith (Pronounced “Doth”) piercing. We here at Relic Moon usually refer to it as a Daith (Faith) Piercing. This piercing is generally done with a hoop, but can be done with a curve barbell. When placed properly, this piercing will go through the Helix Crus, and be framed around both the Cymba and Cavum or the ear.

Daith FAQ

Can I Fit a Daith Piercing?

Before committing to a daith piercing it's important to check to see if you have a large enough fold for the piercing to run through. If in doubt always check early with your piercer. The size of this fold will also affect whether you can get a double or triple daith piercing as well, which are smaller piercings further down the innermost fold of the ear. Like any piercing, whether you can fit a daith piercing depends entirely on your anatomy.

Can you get both Daith piercings at the same time?

While many people want to get matching piercings in each ear, it's strongly recommended that you only pierce one ear at a time. You need one ear to sleep on, use to talk on the phone, etc., and getting cartilage pierced in both ears at the same time can be incredibly difficult to heal.

I've heard daith piercings can help with migraines; is there any truth in this?

Whilst there are reports of it helping, We believe this may be a placebo effect. There is no medical evidence to support the claims.

Daith specific aftercare

Since most soaps generally dry out the skin, it’s advisable to not soap up your piercing too much, despite it maybe sounding like a good idea to clean it this way.
While you should attempt to wash the jewelry with soap and water each day, you should make a conscious effort not to get any soap into the piercing itself. Products like hair gel, skin oils and sprays can also delay healing times if they constantly come in contact with your piercing, so keep these away as much as possible too.
The good news is that cleaning the piercing, even without the use of soap, is very straightforward.
Simply soak the piercing with a salt water solution, or a pre-made saline solution morning and night, and at any other point in the day if the piercing becomes dirty.